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Article By Pastor Ernest Scott

Greetings in the name of our Lord!


Did you know that Tithing is the very foundation of your financial blessings in the kingdom of God? Did you know that a tiny percentage of Christians tithe consistently?  


Did you know that NOT TITHING is a significant blessing blocker for the body of Christ? 


God desires for you to have the foundational blessing!


And when we build a solid foundation that everything above it will be stable and will withstand the storms of life over time. And it is my desire for all of God's children to be taught how to walk in his blessings. It is not God's will that any of his children suffer. Never the less many suffer unto death because of a lack of understanding of biblical principles. Some biblical principles are optional, and some control the root of your blessing. Not just now on earth but for all eternity.  


Let's talk about how to walk in the blessing continually. 


The tithe was established through Abraham, who was chosen by God to be the Father of all nations. God, the Father, spoke this blessing over Abraham before Abraham even knew who he indeed was. And it took Abraham a while to conform to the ways of God. Never the less eventually, Abraham proved himself to be righteous and holy. Not perfect but righteous and blessed in the eyes of God. He was approved by God because of his obedience to God. His faithfulness brought him into a place of blessing for all eternity. I say these things because people make mistakes all the time, and they get condemned by others even by themselves. But I am here to tell you that God is not looking for perfection. God is looking for obedience and faithfulness, and when you consistently tithe, you prove this type of character to God.  


I remember when I first committed walking with God. He tested me to see if I would do what I said. Because I told him that I would become a tither if he answered my prayer. I made a vow to God. Because I was in a bad financial situation, and I knew I needed his help to get out of my unfortunate situation.  

And God performed a miracle that brought me out of my financial bondage only after I took the first couple of financial blessings and became a tither.


The tithe is the root of all of your earthly and eternal blessings from God.  


Right about now, I know what you are about to say. You know some people who have money who don't tithe right? Never the less let me explain the difference. If you have money and don't tithe, that is considered to be wicked by God. And anything evil will not last. It will eventually be taken away from you somehow down the road. And what I am speaking know is a spiritual law. 


So let's talk about some excellent reasons to tithe.  

The tithe will give you access to the throne room of God. And it will place you in a place of importance to God. This means that your prayers will be listened to and answered. It also brings divine protection to your seed, which means your money, your job, your belongings, and your children, etc. It increases the covering over your Christian life. For the angels of God will go to battle for you if you tithe. You won't always have to run to the altar asking for prayer. You will soon realize that you are covered in the blood and that no weapons formed against you will prosper. And if satin shows up in your life, he will be cast down, and you will receive double for your troubles. It's that simple. As men and women of God, you should become a tither. 


The tithe belongs to your local church that teaches and preaches the Gospel. The church where you receive your spiritual food or the church that God tells you to support. Keep most holy faith and know that the blessing of the Lord is upon you.  

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